Whether they’re Salmon, Pike or Carp, Danube Caviar roes are synonymous with premium quality both locally and internationally. Working with our trusted partners for over 15 years we’ve refined our selection process to deliver our customers only the very best products.

All of our roes come with a minimum content of salt and no preservatives. Our products are available in 100, 500 and 1000 grams packaging.

For any product that’s not currently in stock, or if you require special processing or packaging we recommend you submit a preorder.

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Salmon Roe

Salmon roe is a classic staple of fine foods and our product’s quality impressess every time. Harvested in ice-cold northern waters from wild salmon, our salmon roe’s unmistakble color and intense flavor transforms every bite into a gourmet delight.

35 euro / 0.3kg. Available only in 300g jars

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Carp Roe

Carp roe is oftentimes underappreaciated, but its delicate grain, intense flavor and deep color make it an excelent basis for a gourmet treat. With a simple but delicious aroma, carp roe is an entry level product beloved by our customers.

18 Euros / 1 Kg

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Pike Roe

Pike roe is a very popular choice for any event. Thanks to small but intensely flavorful grains, not to mention its brilliant golden color, pike roe is a very accessible and delightful treat for all customers. We can only sell in the original tins of 1 kg. in frozen form.

78 euro/kg

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Protected: Pike Roe

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78 euro/kg



Made from the species of Oncorhynchus Nerka wild salmon, these red eggs are particularly tasty and bland. They have great caloric properties, being very nutritious. They are recommended for tartin and for decorating appetizers from fish and seafood.The eggs are about 4 mm, 2.8% salt and 100% natural, without preservatives.