Danube Caviar

From 2021, our Horia farm is certified by Bio Austria Garantie and all our sturgeon products, meat and caviar are certified organic.

Danube Caviar – For over 25 years, we’ve been producing and distributing a varied range of premium quality sturgeon caviar, seafood, and fine fish.

Danube Caviar represents the highest quality standard of caviar nationally and internationally since 1993. By placing our products marketed under its own brand “Danube Caviar” at the disposal of important caviar distributors such as Petrossian, Marky’s and Bemka, we have won the trust and loyalty of our customers. our.

At the local level, we represent one of the main distributors of fish, seafood, and fish. Both the products from our own products and those of our partners, keep the high-quality standard that has brought us international success.

Our catalog is addressed to restaurants, redistributors and other companies, but also to individuals.

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Danube Caviar – Production
The quality of caviar production is ensured within its own aquaculture farms. They are built to the highest international standards and use the latest techniques and studies in the field of aquaculture.

This framework allows our specialists to carry out new studies and research leading to obtaining premium quality products.

To find out more about our team’s projects and consulting services in this area, visit the Services section.

We have bio certificate RO-ECO-029.642-0000027.2023.002 SC DANUBE RESEARCH CONSULTING SRL, Brand: “DANUBE CAVIAR”

We breed sturgeons in an open system, in low densities, with clean water, in environmentally friendly conditions. We maintain impeccable hygiene and without using: chemicals, hormones, antibiotics or genetically modified food.